hi i'm wyatt. i'm a 17 y.o. musician, visual artist, and hobbyist from portland, oregon. this website has two main purposes - (1) creating my own digital identity; i'm not too keen on social media right now and want something customisable, and (2) hosting digital files designed for personal use but could be made public, such as the bookmarks page.

the website looks bare bones right now as it's being revamped - i want to focus more on the content right now, later finishing it out with a good theme. https://alt32.world has had a history of revisions, and you can browse through some of these old snapshots on the wayback machine. currently i'm hosting the *new* https://alt32.world on an alternate neocities page, but i'm hoping to get it to a usable state by the end of the year, as long as school doesn't hold me too busy.

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