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This is the central home for all my writings. I'm not really a writer but I do like to talk a lot so I'll share my thoughts on the arts, nature, maybe politics, food, and my travels.

12 March 2022

My new remix of "Wind Tempos" by Porter Robinson is out now. Also a celebration post for the Cambria, California EP's one year anniversary. Read more.

31 December 2021

Happy New Year's everyone! It's been a fun past 365 days. I've met so many talented and great people and had the chance to visit more places than 2020. I got into record collecting, full-on music production, and coding this website, and hope to continue all of it throughout the next year. Speaking of my plans for 2022... Read more.

11 December 2021

This is the start of the alt-32 Journal! I'm gonna write about basically anything in the very inconsistent times that I want to. I've been fixing up the website recently to make it look prettier. I kinda hate learning how to code so it'll be a slow process. Read more.

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