11 December 2021

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This is the start of the alt-32 Journal! I'm gonna write about basically anything in the very inconsistent times that I want to. I've been fixing up the website recently to make it look prettier. I kinda hate learning how to code so it'll be a slow process.

Lately I've been working on a few things. My musical output has slowed down a bunch, which is why I cancelled the weekly tracks series. The album is still in production; probably not going to release for another year or two. Want to take my time with it. Graphic design for the album has begun, as I'm trying out all these aesthetic ideas I have for it. I usually do this listening to my record collection. I've been spinning vinyl more often as I got a record weight last week to stop the wow/flutter on my turntable. As of writing I'm playing Crush by Floating Points.

Let me know of any changes I should make to the website. I wanna keep it minimalist but I'm afraid it looks a bit like I don't know how to code, which I don't.


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