31 December 2021

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Happy New Year's everyone! It's been a fun past 365 days. I've met so many talented and great people and had the chance to visit more places than 2020. I got into record collecting, full-on music production, and coding this website, and hope to continue all of it throughout the next year. Speaking of my plans for 2022...

There will be some more releases of mine this year. The first thing will definitely be a CD run of The Oregon Trail EP in the early winter (February most likely). I've been working on the designs for it and researching distributors but for now I think I've settled on Kunaki. It'll be a digipak sleeve with remastered audio, sold on my Bandcamp. Still need to figure out an affordable price.

I also want to announce plans for merchandise coming soon. I'm still in the early planning phases for merch, so let me know of any ideas that you have. Currently thinking of tie-dye shirts in a certain EP of mine's colour palette. :)

Anyways, hope everyone has a really fun and prosperous new year!! As my Christmas/New Years' gift, I've posted another mp3!


Houseradio Records / Wyatt Raymond White 2021

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