12 March 2022

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What's up y'all, a few things today!! I just put out a remix I did for the Porter Robinson fan Discord server's remix contest. It's a rendition of "Wind Tempos" that meshes natural ambience and heavy techno into one of my favourite things I've made ever. Had to keep this one a secret for a while, but the contest results were announced (out of 33 remixes this one placed #21 in a tie) and now I can reveal it. It's up on Bandcamp and on SoundCloud, both with free downloads enabled! But that's not the only thing...

Today marks a year since my "Cambria, California" project has released. This was an EP I made out of the haze and clouded thoughts of quarantine, inspired by a trip to said town in December 2020. The harsh and chilling winds on the beach were something that I wanted to bring to the studio, and so I worked on a few ambient sessions starting in February. I used a new synthesiser in Ableton, the Tree Tone. It brought an organic flourish that formed one of my favourite projects I've ever made. In celebration of this anniversary, last week I released an ambient excursion that revisits the original Cambrian sound, but with a more developed sound that explores field recordings and deeper understanding of Tree Tone, "Cambrian Visions". There's a little surprise on download of it too.

"Cambrian Visions" also doubles as a sneak peek into a side project of mine that's in the works. It's an alias that touches on the coastal ambient and experimentalist approach that Cambria, Calfornia explores. I'm working on this project alongside the main Wyhatt stuff, and so far the project contains little IDM beats and sound collages, real pretentious shit that I love but wouldn't be able to put out under the Wyhatt name. Not ready to share anything further than that yet, as I still want to release the debut Wyhatt LP before I get that ball rolling. Just know that stuff like Cambrian Visions and my Wind Tempos remix have sorta the approach that will be featured on this alias.

And just for this blog I'd also like to share a few concept photos around Cambria, California. You can find them here. Take care everyone!


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