Cambria, California

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Exploring a faint memory of the idyllic coastal town of Cambria, California, I manipulated the Tree Tone device in Ableton to form this 4-track ambient EP. Think of this as a virtual beach trip at night, where the tide is high and the winds flow freely across the sands.

Here's the links to find the EP.


Here are a few selected designs from the Cambrian archives, spanning back to the days of Remote Winter Cabin. Click/tap on them to view full size (big) versions of them.

This was a design from the original session working on the cover art. Originally planned to use it on a remix of a Persona 3 song but never finished that.

An alternate cover design from the original contenders for the final decision. Still has the label cutout design.

Both this and the design below were designed for the Cambrian Visions cover art, a few weeks ago. Might use it someday.

Out of maybe seven or eight choices for cover art, Noah liked this one a lot more. I don't really get it.

One of the first things ever created visually for the EP. I posted it around Discord teasing a project for March 12th. Hadn't even chosen a title at that point.

An artist photo edit I never used, wish I used it for the Cambria era. Was taken on the beach in Cambria, too.

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