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I'll drop some free mp3 files here every now and then. You can download them by right-clicking the player and selecting "Save audio as..." and listen to them off the site. And feel free to remix them or sample or whatever, just credit Wyhatt or Wyatt Raymond White as usual.

MP3 10: "Cypher"
21 May: Working on this off and on since last winter, a Bonobo or O'Flynn type of track.

MP3 09: "Rough Cut"
16 May: It's been a busy past few months, just made this tune after school today with some rough production.

MP3 08: "Garden Cut"
27 March: Cute little flute tune with home garden field recordings.

MP3 07: "Freeze Frame"
07 March: Airy and big ambience matched with a percussive beat sampling a few tunes.

MP3 06: "Instable"
05 March: Little dance chop I made a while back.

MP3 05: "Aurora"
26 February: Spaced-out tune with a drum beat that's been stuck in my head for months on end.

MP3 04: "Hashes"
18 February: Snappy and digitised percussion loop I've been working on.

MP3 03: "Bitmap Image / Seashells"
31 December: A two part coastal lo-fi dance piece for a Happy New Year! Originally part of the upcoming album but it's not working for the theme anymore.

MP3 02: "Dreamstate"
26 December: A dreamy ambient piece that compiles field recordings and whimsical synths.

MP3 01: "High Contrast"
06 December: This is the first file, released on my birthday. A quick house tune I wrote a month or two ago.

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