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My synth-filled EP inspired by summer travels, The Oregon Trail, and the accompanying remix project The Oregon Trail Remixes, are both available on all platforms. 6 original synth-pop tracks w/ two bonus tracks + 4 new mixes from friends on the remix EP. Compact disc release later this year.

Looming over memories of being young on California's central coastlines, Cambria, California, is over here. This is a beatless exploration of a single synthesiser, recorded on a cold and windy December afternoon in my bedroom.


I'll drop some free mp3 files here every now and then. You can download them by right-clicking the player and selecting "Save audio as..." and listen to them off the site. And feel free to remix them or sample or whatever, just credit Wyhatt or Wyatt Raymond White as usual.

There's also a lot of my one-offs on my Soundcloud, usually when I don't feel the energy to update this site, or when I want people to find it. I don't set downloads public but you can message me and I'll give you a download of any of those tracks if you want.

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