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I'm most active here, sharing announcements, random life updates, and cool songs I like. My DMs are open for any questions and this is the one page where I won't forget to announce something.


This is the best place to support my music financially, and find bonus songs & unreleased material. Most of my projects are either name-your-price or pretty inexpensive. This is also where merch will be available, and if you follow my Bandcamp you can get community updates in your email inbox.


If you want to ask any questions or just chat about my music, share your own, or hang out, there's my Discord server. This is probably the best place to recieve announcements as you can subscribe to the wyhatt-news channel for updates and track announcements.


For more formal (or informal) messages, use this link to launch an e-mail template to It's my public address for anything professionally or just to chat. I respond here pretty quickly.


A more visual social media site. I'll post photos and stories teasing tracks, and stuff like that here, just not as often as my other pages.

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