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Hello, I'm Wyatt, a 16 year old musician and visual artist currently based in Southern California. I've been making music since 2019 and have always grown up with some form of visual art interest. This site is where I'll just put everything I'm in love with, ranging from work-in-progress songs to places I've been.

The Oregon Trail Remixes

The remix EP of "The Oregon Trail" featuring 2 bonus tracks + new mixes from Troileuk, SciFii, Monochrome Memories, and Crazexpert is to release on 10 June! Read more.

"The Oregon Trail"

My latest EP is available now, you can find it here. 6 synth-pop tracks with a CD release coming soon to Bandcamp.


I'm on NJOM, a netlabel run by my friend MinimusNoah. Here's some music we make. We don't have a website yet but here's our Bandcamp page.


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