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Hello, I'm Wyatt, a 17 year old musician and visual artist currently based in Southern California. I've been creating music since 2019 and have always grown up with some form of visual art interest. This site is where I'll just put everything I'm in love with, ranging from work-in-progress songs to places I've been, whenever I remember to update it.

Flora / Fauna

New double single with a crazy flipside mix, "Flora / Fauna", is out now. There's also a remix contest going on until late April, with cash prizes and maybe a potential few remixes on an upcoming remix EP! You can find Flora / Fauna @ all the usual spots. Read more.


I'm on NJOM, a netlabel run by my friend Noah. Here's some music we put on Spotify. You can find all of it (some of it's exclusive) on our lovely Bandcamp page.


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